Cologne, the cathedral city directly on the Rhine, offers travelers a diverse range of sights worth seeing and culture.
Whether you walk along the Rhine promenade, take a tour of the city's museums or stroll through the city's trendy neighborhoods - Cologne offers something for everyone.

Attraction No.1 is of course the Cologne Cathedral, which is the landmark of Cologne and shapes the cityscape like no other building.
The cathedral is the favorite photo motif for every tourist, moreover, you should have seen it from the inside. There is also a viewing platform at the top.
However, you will find other popular sights, such as the Chocolate Museum, the Hohenzollern Bridge with its love locks and the Old Town.
Other viewpoints, besides the cathedral, give you a good impression of the city.

The Cologne Zoo is an excursion destination for the whole family, numerous museums offer you the opportunity to learn more about art and culture.

Cologne is located between two large and also interesting cities. These include Düsseldorf and further Bonn.
In the surrounding area of the city there are numerous opportunities for day trips to nature or one of the castles.

Cologne not only offers many important sights in the city, but also has a lot of culture and history to offer in the surrounding area... >>read more