Hamburg in northern Germany is particularly popular for its trading history, diverse sights and musicals.
The historic Hanseatic city is shaped by the Speicherstadt, the magnificent town hall and its many churches. The new landmark, the Elbphilharmonie, is also worth seeing.

There are many viewpoints to discover the city from above.
Parks such as the well-known Planten un Blomen are places of retreat in Hamburg where you can unwind.

Not far from every sight you will find restaurants with delicious food at any time of the day on your trip through Hamburg.

Our blog is about this beautiful city and everything you can see and experience there.

For those interested in the individual highlights of the city, we also have detailed articles for more information. Something about the Elbphilharmonie, the Speicherstraße with its historic buildings, the Speicherstadt or the historic city hall. The latter reminds many of a magnificent castle.

Hamburg in Germany is a city with many things to do and to see. A maritime flair, as well as the diverse architecture, stand for the port city... >>read more