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Travel is part of human nature. Everyone has a little wanderlust and the urge to discover new places and cities. Regardless of whether it is a city trip to the neighboring city or to a distant country, a trip is part of life... >>more to Travel

Hamburg in Germany is a city with many things to do and to see. A maritime flair, as well as the diverse architecture, stand for the port city... >>read more

The Procession of Princes (German: “Fürstenzug”) in Dresden Germany has 23.000 tiles and is the largest porcelain picture in the world... >>read more

Cologne not only offers many important sights in the city, but also has a lot of culture and history to offer in the surrounding area... >>read more

With its numerous historic half-timbered houses, Quedlinburg inspires visitors and tourists from all over the world. Visiting Quedlinburg is like traveling back in time through centuries... >>read more

Dresden is a city with an impressive history, full of art and culture. Sights with historical flair make a visit to the so-called "Florence on the Elbe" a real pleasure... >>read more


Our blog is about living, after all, FurnishedInside deals with furnished apartments... >>more to Living