Procession of Princes Dresden Germany - largest porcelain picture

Procession of Princes Dresden Germany - largest porcelain picture

The Procession of Princes (German: “Fürstenzug”) in Dresden Germany has 23.000 tiles and is the largest porcelain picture in the world.

Procession of Princes - Largest porcelain picture in the world

The long picture stretches over 102 meters and represents all rulers of the last centuries who rules and shaped Saxony from 1127 to 1873.

35 margraves, kings, dukes and electors are kept in this ancestral gallery.

In addition to the rules of the Wettin family of the respective time, soldiers, artist, scientist and craftsmen are also depicted on this impressive work of art in the middle of Dresden. This famous attraction of Dresden is located between Semper Opera and Frauenkirche.

The also called rider train (“Reiterzug”) shows 94 people in detail. Each face shows the exact features of the person, weapons and clothing correspond to historical originals.

Details about the Procession of Princes

The history of the Procession of Princes goes back to 1589. Even then, the wall of the stable courtyard was painted, but the color weathered.

So it was decided in 1876 to redesign the Procession of Princes on the wall and to depict the princes larger than life on porcelain.

All personalities of the wall are captured on Meissen porcelain along the wall in Augustus Street in Dresden.

In the old town it is one of most famous sights in Dresden.